You hear about it, read about it, see it, have loved ones who have had it, friends who have died from it, but you never ever, for one moment, think you would get cancer yourself.

‘Why me?’, I said to myself as I came out of hospital knowing that I had breast cancer.  Then, ‘Why not me?’, I asked myself. As my friend, Nick put his arms around me to comfort me, the pain just hurt deep inside and nothing could comfort me.  I knew this was one situation, which I would have to face alone, with God.  Of course, friends were wonderful, but friends go home.  God never goes home.

I liked to think that I had control and choices over my life now I was settled in my own home.  When the doctor explained that I had cancer, there was no choice and control.  I was told it was very early cancer so there was a 98% chance of success.  At first, I was shocked and then I just wanted the operation to take place.  I needed no fuss or feeling sorry for myself, just God and people who loved me.

I was in hospital four days and had two operations; it was so good to get home.  Now I am clear of cancer and  it is so good to be alive.  It is always in my mind that the cancer could return, but I know God will be there and will never leave my side.